Sunday, October 20, 2019

Twelve Circles Left

Quilting has begun.  I hope to have more time this weekend to sew.

It's slow going.  The quilt is much larger than the throw quilts I've quilted lately, so it's heavy and hard to move through the sewing machine.  I'll be happy to start working towards the edges.  I won't be all wrapped up in it, literally, as I quilt.

The quilting doesn't show up as much as I'd thought - although I've just started and it's a lot of gold-on-gold and the batting doesn't have a lot of loft.  But that's okay - it hides my less-than-perfect quilting.  What I struggled the most with while quilting this circle is that it's not exactly what I pictured.  Feeding this under my 15-91 limits how much I can see as I move the quilt.  I've caught a corner and the quilt zigs left when I was trying to move right.  I forget what pattern I was going for and move the wrong way.

Should I have sent it to be professionally quilted?  I know the quilt would look AMAZING if I had.  My quilting isn't going to match the quality of my piecing.  It's far from perfect; it makes me a little sad.  However, it will be all mine.  Envisioned and executed by me.  So I'm moving my focus to that:  less on the blue ribbon it's not going to win and more on the process (and finishing it for my sister before it turns much colder!).  And it will be a beautiful quilt.  I have no doubt about that.


  1. I think we are our own worst critics when it comes to this kind of thing, because we're looking at the work very close up instead of the big picture. Your sister will see this quilt as the whole thing, and she's going to love it! I love what you're doing, and hope it gets easier as you move farther along!

  2. Just my opinion, but I think the "all mine" aspect will be more valuable than any regularity of stitching would be. Gorgeous quilt!

  3. Oh gosh, Sally, this quilt is a beast...BUT....the quilting from here is looking amazing. I love it!! I think quilting this beautiful quilt will mean so much more than having it professionally quilted. Keeping is going to be awesome!


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