Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Three, Four and Five of Thirteen

Three more circles quilted.  Two more sets of cogs done.  The second two were easier than the first.  Learned a bit more of what I can and cannot do.

I'm enjoying the process.  I draw out what I'm going to quilt, then it often changes as I'm about to quilt.  Some of designs stay similar, others change quite a bit.  Hands and shoulders get tired after a while - so one circle at a time at most.

I picked gold thread because it went well with the fabric, it matched the theme of suns and clockworks.  On one hand, I'd like the quilting to stand out more.  On the other, the quilt is busy enough - it doesn't need a lot.

The quilting has been smooth - no tucks or bulges so far.  I'm happy that the stripe across the back seems straight and even.  I've only quilted over a bit of it - we'll see how the rest lines up.  The shine to the thread is really pretty, and I'm loving how the back looks quilted. 

As I hoped, moving the quilt around gets easier as I get further from the center.  Three more circles and I will only have edge circles left.  That still leaves some background and border to stitch.

At some point the sunlight will cooperate better for some good shots.  This has been incredibly hard to get good photos of the work.

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's looking wonderful, Sally! I always love seeing what the quilting adds to the quilt. Glad it's getting easier as you go!

Kim said...

Oh WOW!! I am loving the quilting patterns you have dreamed up, Sally. How clever and patient of you to tackle quilting this amazing quilt. I bet your arms and shoulders are aching, but, I suppose it is a good hurt. Well done, young lady. I cannot wait to see this beauty finished in all its glory.

Quinn said...

I'm glad the cogs got a bit easier! Wow, this is going to be one dazzling creation!

Bonnie said...

That is going to be one gorgeous quilt. Hand quilting is so time consuming especially when going through all those seams. BUT it's really going to look great. Have fun finishing it.