Friday, August 26, 2016

Puffy Pigs

After a week of running the air conditioning nearly non-stop, the cool evenings earlier this week were delightful.  We've put up the window fans overnight and have had a couple of mornings where the house was in the low 60s.  Wonderful.

The result is puffy pigs.  When I pull off the cover over their cage in the morning, I find round rodents instead of the flattened, stretched out pigs I've witnessed most of the summer.

Wedgwood proved difficult to photograph.  So Boadicea is my only hot-weather and cool-weather model.


  1. Adorable in any weather!

  2. Oh, I love that Boadi! What a ham!
    Yes, my piggies sleep very differently when the weather changes. I also have A LOT more piggy laundry in cold weather months because each pig (I have 6) has to have their own pouch or hut to sleep in or WW3 breaks out. During the warm weather only one or 2 of them likes to sleep in a pouch. They mostly stretch out inside to sleep when it's hot.

  3. What an adorable chubby bum is Boadi, either pancaked or puffy!

  4. What a sweet face :)
    And I'm really familiar with that flattened feeling, Boadi!


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