Thursday, September 29, 2016


For me, Shangri-La occupies a three-to-four mile radius centered on Campground Beach in North Eastham, MA.  A part of me remains there, all year round.  I sometimes forget I'm not whole, until I step to the top of the beach stairs and run into myself, like an old friend.  Hey!  there you are!  Damn, I've missed you.

I spent my childhood summers there, with the freedom to roam the neighborhood, the dunes and the beach all day long.  When I learned to sail (and weighed enough to upright the boat by myself) I could take the sunfish anywhere in the bay (I even made it around the Target Ship while it was mostly intact).  It was like flying.  I spent my college summers working on the Cape; the afternoons were still mine, filled with reading, bicycling and sailing wherever I wanted.  I spent my evenings cooking dinner, baking goodies while listening to stories from my grandmother and vintage radio shows.

High tide, low tide - so much to explore
Perfection.  Magic.  Heaven.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Just One More

One would have thought when I bought my Singer 99 that I'd stop looking for another sewing machine.  Whatever the reason, I left my Craigslist search bookmarked in my browser.  My regular machine had been behaving.*  Yet, I still wanted a real backup machine; one that might fit into my existing table.  It's bad enough I wanted another machine, I didn't need another table and chair too!

Lo and behold, this portable Singer 15 appeared late July.  Not only that, no one else snatched it up when I waited at least two weeks before responding.  To top it off, I got sick for a couple of weeks and couldn't pick it up.  I told the woman if she could sell it to someone else, go for it.  I'd contact her again when I felt well enough to come look at it.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tomato Treats

Can you see the tomato?  We  know it's here somewhere....
All those tomatoes we've been preparing for sauce resulted in quite a pile of parings.  The bruised and spoiled bits went straight to the compost.  However, all of the bits near the stem were saved for the guinea pigs.

Boadicea is not highly motivated for tomato pieces.  She'd rather have corn husk or bits of cucumber.  But if there's tomatoes right there in front of her, she won't say no.

Wedgwood his far more enthused and will eat whatever tomato is closest to her, even if it's the piece Boadi currently has.  They ended up in a brief standoff when Wedgie figured it would be easier to take from Boadi than to figure out how to manipulate the toy.  Very similar to Boadi's old "wouldn't you like to share that with me?"

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stained Kites - Blogger's Quilt Festival

I am entering Stained Kites for the Home Machine Quilted category in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

If I had just been patient about showing off Stained Kites, I would have waited until now to post it.  But I was too excited to share (plus I forgot that the festival was this week).  So I'll just have to show it off twice this month.

After I completed Shattered Kites last year, I thought it would look amazing with a black background, like stained glass.  I began playing with fabric this spring and stitched it up over the summer.  After I squared the quilt I decided it needed black borders and a flange binding.  I really like the little edge of color (it pops more in person than it does in the photos).

It's quilted in a mix of walking foot over the black and free motion in each of the kites.  I tried a bunch of new designs I had never quilted before, which was so much fun.  Spent lots of time doodling and surfing the web for ideas.  There's a few kites with the same pattern, but most of them are unique.  (There are close up photos of the quilting on the original post here.)

The quilt has been promised to a fund raising event.  I hope it will be popular.  For now it hangs in my sewing room - I get to admire it in person for another month or so before I give it away.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Parrot Plumes - Blogger's Quilt Festival

This year's Blogger's Quilt Festival snuck up on me!  It's a month earlier than in prior years and I had to scramble to find stuff I wanted to show.  (I'm still focused on guinea pigs and Pignics right now.)

Parrot Plumes is my entry for the Small Quilts category.  I fell in love with the feathers from an earlier Blogger's Quilt Festival, tracked down the pattern and saved it as a future project.  Inspiration hit when my vet started a practice on her own.  She specializes in birds and I know she has a soft spot for African Greys and Macaws.  I had pattern and colors - time to sew!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cape Colors

A few things that caught my eye during Chick Weekend that didn't really go in another post.

Campground Beach, looking towards Great Island.  The colorful tables and chairs at PB Boulangerie.  Quirky lawn art?  political statements? on Shurtleff Road.  The Entering West Eastham sign is on a sand dune that overlooks the bay.  There is no more west that that.  The weird keg creature, that appears to be spouting like a whale has a sign:  The Dune Monster (Donald T. Grateagain).  You never know what's going to appear on this guy's lawn.  But it made my morning walks interesting.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Birthday, Wedgwood

Imagine my surprise when we brought Wedgwood home and discovered the shelter gave her the same birthday as Cannoli.  So here we are, celebrating a third birthday all over again on the very same date.  I'm having birthday déjà vu.

May the déjà vu stop right there.  The last twelve months were rough for pigs and we're due for some smoother sailing.  Wedgwood has decided this is a great place to live and has recently received a clean bill of health.  Sounds like a good start to me (Boadicea just wishes Pee-Face would stop chasing her around the cage).

We've been enjoying the meaty little loaf.  Her nose often waves around like Bertie's used to, testing the unseen breezes.  She's slowly starting to whine less and wheek more.  Wedgwood has even convinced Boadicea to wheek from time to time.

Happy Birthday, Wedg.