Thursday, June 28, 2012

Piles of Peas

It may not look like much, but this is good stuff:  snow peas.  My half of this week's CSA haul included a couple of quarts of peas.  We've gotten a pint or so each week for the last few weeks, but this week when I showed up, they handed me a gallon-sized bucket and told me I could fill the whole thing.  Woot!  We haven't had this many since the first year of the Moose Hill CSA, when we got buried in shelling peas.  They had underestimated the crop yield and haven't made that mistake again (too bad).

I spent this evening prepping them for the freezer.  I had to dig out my instructions for parboiling (these got par-steamed).  I like to use the snack-sized bags for single servings.  But those bags are thin and don't seal well, so I put a few snack bags in a quart-sized freezer bag before popping them into the freezer.  It has worked well for beets.  I hope the peas do as well.

Bertie and Pinniped got to pig out on pea-ends.  I did several taste-tests.  Happiness all around!

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