Monday, June 11, 2012

Spring Pignic 2012

Pretty sows, all in a row (including a Willow look-alike)
For the first time in years, we didn't have to postpone the Boston Spring Pignic due to rain.  And, boy, did the weather gods smile down on us.  We had a beautiful afternoon to hang out at the Wellesley Town Hall Bowl.

This year we had about fifty people attend the pignic, bringing just shy of fifty pigs.  It was a first pignic for several of them, and I could see they were delighted to be there.  The pigs seemed pretty happy, too.  The Pig Patrol did their usual amount of clipping nails and doling out advice.

We had quite an assortment of pigs.  There were all sorts of shapes and colors, a few nekkid ones and several with long, unruly hair.  New people tend to bring young pigs, but we even had several elder-piggies - a few of them were five years old and one was seven.  I always enjoy seeing healthy, active older pigs.

For the most part, everyone got along.  There were a couple of boars in the time-out pen and one or two unnerving moments when people reached in with bare hands to break up a fight.  There were a few scratches and a slightly bloody nose as well as one sow who kept crying wolf every time another pig got near to her.  The sows pen mellowed out pretty quickly and there was the usual... um... frolicking in the boar's pen.

Private quarters
I was down to just Bertie and Pinni this pignic, the first time in a couple of years.  To top it off, they can't be penned with the others as a precaution, due to Bertie's viruses.  So they spent their time away from the crowds, enjoying the lovely green grass and clover.

Many people had arrived fairly early, so pigs had had their fill of grass by mid-afternoon.  Contests and weigh-ins were held, the winners happily clutching their certificates, hay and cozies.  The party was over by 4pm.  We packed up grids and cleaned the area and crossed our fingers for good weather in September.

For more pignic goofiness, check out Pignic Fun and Games.

There are additional photos of the event at the Spring Pignic 2012 photo album.


  1. Love this and really want to be there in September...seems like such a great event

  2. Sounds like fun, I'm glad it went well! The "time out pen for bad pigs" sign made me laugh.


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