Monday, June 25, 2012

Still Life Photography

I was writing up the post on Bertie's birthday when I realized I didn't have a photo go to a long with the blog entry.  Oh, no!  So I asked Rob to quickly shoot a few photos of Bertie.  Amusement ensued.

When I pick up Pinniped, no mater how traumatized she is at being held and snuggled, the nose starts to go.  She's always willing to interact, at least a little, with her adoring fans.  Bertie, however, has a mind of her own, and was entirely unwilling to play along.  She sat like a lump.  Not even bits of clover, pressed against her nose and whiskers could entice her to budge.  Only her nose twitched.  Absolutely nothing else moved, not even her whiskers.  If I had done the same to Pinni, her lips would have followed after the clover, on their own volition.  It's pretty funny to watch (hmm... I may need to get a video of that).  But not Bertie:  I don't want to be here and you can't make me be cute.

Well, let's face it, Bertie - it's hard for you not to be cute.

Torture is too strong of a word of what happened next, although if you asked Bertie, she might tell you differently.  Since she was so limp, I could move her in whatever position without any resistance.  I tried a few different poses, hoping to elicit a response and finally decided to cradle her in my arm, on her back.  Normally, my guinea pigs have relaxed or tolerated this position for several seconds, but I get some kind of reaction in short course.  Usually it's an a scramble to be upright rather than leaving their belly exposed.  Bertie?  She just lay there and thought of England.  For several minutes.  I have never had a pig be so unresistant.  Even her hind feet were totally relaxed.  So we took a bunch of photos, laughing at my poor dopey, mopey pig.

We quickly wrapped it up and returned Bertie to her cage with gifts of clover and watermelon rind as consolation.  She stayed in the corner, watching us distrustfully for a minute or two, before she decided we would allow her to eat in peace.

Sorry, Bertie!  Taking photos wasn't supposed to be a terrible thing for you to endure.  Next time I'll make sure Pinni's there to keep you company.

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  1. Adorable mopey pig! Makes me want to tickle that furry tummy.


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