Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chocolate, Coffee and Orange Marmalade Tart

I borrowed Ashley English's A Year of Pies: A Seasonal Tour of Home Baked Pies (Lark Publishing, 2012) from the library sometime in the spring after sampling the meat pie at a party (it was very good).  I made the  Chocolate, Coffee and Orange Marmalade Tart for this year's Christmas dessert.

This recipe wasn't quite as easy to follow as the meat pie.  I ran into several issues.  The crust calls for 10 oz of chocolate wafers.  The package has been shrink-rayed to 9 oz since the recipe was written.  The smaller package probably would have been plenty, with a bit less butter (look how thick the crust is).

The recipe indicated that pectin in the orange seeds would help thicken the marmalade.  My luck, I had seedless oranges.  The book didn't offer an alternative to the seeds.  I ended up adding a bit of corn starch and had to cook it twice as long than the recipe called for before it thickened.  I had to guess how thick was thick enough. 

I didn't have the Kahlua it called for, so I improvised with some espresso powder and cinnamon.  I was afraid to pour in all of the ganache, because the tart pan was so full!  I ended up keeping a little in reserve (it was yummy on it's own).  I was about to throw out the recipe when I was finished.  However, after all that work and wondering if the marmalade would set... it was delicious.  Seriously.  I tried to send off a good chunk of it home with my family because I polished off the rest of the tart all by myself.  I will have to make lots of notes and keep the recipe.

You can find a copy of the recipe online at Cooking Books.  Or get the book!  I still have at least three more recipes tagged to try out. 

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  1. Chocolate heaven! Definitely looks like a recipe worth keeping.


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