Friday, December 13, 2013

Advent Countdown

My Advent calendar
Goodness!  We're halfway to Christmas!  I am way behind in getting gifts.  I am hoping to finish the last of my shopping this weekend.  Luckily, two people want something handmade (and I've been told an IOU for Christmas is fine).  Add a couple of more items to my project backlog! 

I make buttercrunch and cookies the same weekend as the photo shoot to give as gifts.  I stopped off at the vet yesterday to drop off a card, goodies and some reference bookmarks from Cavymadness.  I spoke briefly to Dr. Holmes.  She was momentarily distracted by the nifty bookmarks and the card before she realized she had missed something.  "Wait," she said, whipping around to look where the receptionist had just made off with the tin full of sweets, "Candy?"  It made me laugh.  I've been told that the holiday season officially kicks off only after I show up with my card and goodies.  I know which of the two is important. 

Guinea pigs and veterinary staff - they love me for my treats!

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