Monday, May 18, 2015

Preseason Husks

Reject pile for the compost and a pile of clean husks and silks.
The grocery store has had corn the last couple of weeks.  No husking bucket, though.  However, as I walked by I saw a guy picking over several ears of corn.  So I figured - what would it hurt to ask?  I told him, if he wanted to husk the corn now, I'd be more than happy to take the husks; it would make two guinea pigs very happy.  He was amused.  And accommodating.  Look what I brought home!

Once I got home, I trimmed the husks down to the clean inside leaves.  I also clipped off the dried brown ends of the silks.  Good stuff, ready to eat!  I won't bother shredding and drying this bunch - it's small enough they'll probably eat it all this week.

Are you really eating that, Cannoli?

I threw a few leaves and a bit of silk into the cage.  Cannoli dove right in, especially the silks.  It was obvious that Boadicea had never experienced corn husks before.  She was curious what Noli was eating, but was too suspicious to try it herself.  Boadicea has learned about so many new things to eat.  We'll see if she eventually gobbles up corn husks as eagerly as my other pigs.


  1. A pig who didn't immediately fall in love with corn husks, never thought I'd see the day. Hopefully she'll take to them soon.. although I'm sure Cannoli would be thrilled if she didn't!

    1. Boadi finally figured out today that they were good to eat - the husks that Cannoli was eating were particularly tasty.


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