Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Split Rails

I'm making a table runner for myself with the leftovers from the placemat material.  I certainly overestimated the yardage I needed.  I still have leftovers (I love the colors, I'm not complaining).

Random patterns are so hard to really get random.  I spent some time shuffling around colors, eventually ending up with this.  It's a bit darker on one side than the other, but I wasn't paying attention as I cut up the leftover strips.  Oh, well!  I still like it.

It will get a brown border and binding.  I have one or two quilting patterns I'd like to practice.  I'm hoping I'll get time this week to work on it some more.

1 comment :

  1. I think you managed to get most of the colors evenly spread except for the purple. You're right, it does seem to weigh down on the bottom and right sides, but I kind of like it! I think it's much more interesting than something that's evenly spaced. Call it a happy accident!


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