Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Like Thursday: The Tea Edition

I've been loving (liking?) the I Like Thursday posts over at Not Afraid of Color.  Every week I read them and think:  I need to do this.  But there's so much other stuff I'm doing.  Besides, what would I write about?  I sat there, mug of tea at hand... admiring my mug... and suddenly this post pretty much wrote itself.

1.  I like my guinea pig mug.  I happened upon a crazy sale for a design-it-yourself 15oz mug (less than $10, including shipping).  I selected a handful of guinea pig photos and voila!  One of my favorite mugs.

2.  I like (and cherish) my teacups.  I inherited most of them from my grandmother.  She'd be so happy that I am using them.  One has cracked so I can't use it anymore, another mysteriously broke.  I've been given a few more as word gets out about my collection.  Many of the cups have stories - where they came from, why they were bought.  Always a pleasure to use when I host a tea.

3.  I like my loose leaf tea from Virtuous Teas.  It's a great little hole-in-the-wall shop and the staff are always so nice.  I received a gift certificate to this place nearly 20 years ago - and have been going there ever since.  I've moved further away, so I don't get to visit so often; I buy online.

4.  I like how green tea expands.  It's neat how the little gunpowder pellets (on the right) end up as large leafy green (on the left).  I tried to get a video of it expanding, but it didn't work.  (Although I learned how to use the time lapse option on my camera!  Very cool!)

5.  Chai is my favorite, but I like a variety of black tea.  Herbal tea is not tea - although I do make exception for Mate Carnival.  I usually have a few types of plain tea on hand, plus two or three flavored kinds.  The flavored tea often changes with the season.  Right now I have some Winter Wonderland and Jolly Baker's Blend.

Hmm... there's 10 different containers in the cabinet.  I have more than I realized!

6.  I like my ingenuiTEA teapot.  This thing is so cool.  When my sister first gave it to me, I was like yeah, whatever.  I liked my other tea infusers and I thought this was bulky and would be cumbersome.  Wrong.  So wrong.  I use this every day.  My other strainers hang on the wall, virtually untouched.

7.  I like my Bee House pot.  It has also gotten less use since the ingenuiTEA appeared.  It comes out when I wish to make tea for two - it holds enough for two small mugs of tea (opposed to the BIG mugs I often use).  Isn't it pretty?  I like the shape and the built in mesh strainer.  It  pours as nice as it looks.  Huh - I may need to pull this out of the cabinet and give it more of the love it deserves.

Tea.  A warm mug in hand can be so soothing and comfortable.  What's not to like?


  1. Oh Yes. Fabulous tea. Growing up in the deep south it was all about iced tea. Living in Canada showed me the hot tea side of life. Giving up diet soda helped me really appreciate tea.
    Have you read the Tea shop mysteries? I am working my way through them.
    SO glad you linked up with me... circle of goodness

  2. My I Like posts started the same way! Wondering what I had to write about, and then look around you, and there it is! I loved your tea post! We drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, and you are right - there's nothing like a warm cup of tea in your hand, especially when it is wintertime! Now I have to check into the tea shop mysteries in LeeAnna's comment!

  3. I love tea and I loved your tea post!! I have 2 of the same teacups that you have, the 2 in the front with the roses, I really like them!! I was brought up with tea, what with having an English Mother :) My husband and I really enjoy our 3 o'clock cuppa in the afternoon--Earl Grey decaf for me, Chai tea decaf for him...sadly, no biscuits, hahaha :) I have also read the Tea Shop mysteries that LeeAnna mentioned, they are Great!! Cheers, Sheila

  4. I've been keeping my eyes open for new tea mugs, as I'm down to two. Both have lost most of their design (one was from the MSPCA, the other from Centered Riding) and are beginning to make me a little sad. Maybe I should have some Cashmere Goat mugs made? Hmmmm.

  5. Oh love that mug--i use the Upton tea infusers right now--but I may have been enabled by you to try out that one LOL hugs, Julierose


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