Monday, January 16, 2017


A new box of hay arrived earlier in the month.  The top part of the box has lots of short-strand hay, which easily pops out of the hay rack and hay-band I use.  Boadicea and Wedgwood have been dumping the hay all over the top level of the cage.  (It sometimes accumulates on the second level as well.)

It's a mess, but I'm the only one that has a problem with it.  I found Wedgwood happily ensconced in the middle of the pile.  In fact, it looks like she tried to bury herself in it.  Ah, if only it was a deeper pile.

Wedgwood was so happy and relaxed at where she was, she didn't even blink as I hovered over her to snap photos. 

Happy loafy pig.  Life is good.  I bet she's dreaming a more hay so she could build a proper nest.


  1. We don't use hay racks and our boys LOVE to bury themselves in the hay!

  2. eating your sofa... laying in your food... what a concept!


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