Friday, January 20, 2017

Nothing but Nose

I have a lot of short-strand hay, which doesn't stay put in the hay racks.  However, it's great for stuffing handfuls into a paper lunch bag.  Such happiness!  I've lost sight of Wedgwood twice now (OMG, she's not in the cage - where is she?!?!) to discover her buried in the paper bag.  She actually fits!  I'm amazed.

Wedgwood focuses on the hay, but Boadicea enjoys punching holes in the bag.  Then I walked by the cage to discover Wedgie out in the open, but no Boadi.  Where could she be?

Wait - is that a nose?

While I'm talking about Boadicea, how about a health update?  The crying and spotting have stopped.  It's been days since I've heard a whimper.  Before that, it had been less frequent, happening only once every day or two.  While doing a food journal for her, I suspected the pain was gut related.  On a whim I started giving her some of my daily probiotic.  Either that did the trick, or perhaps it was an illness that she got over.  Either way, I hope I haven't jinxed myself (and her).  I'm just glad she's feeling better.

She's lost a bit of weight, but is still heavier than when we adopted her.  I'm still getting used to seeing the scale under 1kg.  As long as she stays this weight and keeps her loafy figure, it's all good.


  1. they are having a hay-day with that hay. Just like todlers, the box is as much fun as the toy.

  2. Oh that made me laugh! I still don't know where all Della's hidey-holes are. I can usually spot Moxie, but Della just appears out of nowhere :)
    I buy water-soluble ProBios powder as my go-to for digestive issues/support. Started using it for the goats, then myself, then kitties. Of all of us, Piper is the one with a castiron gut - the rest of us, not so much!
    Great picture :)

  3. It's funny the things that keep these little critters amused.. Just like our kids when you are young, they'll happily play with a cardboard box for hours..


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