Saturday, January 14, 2017

Purple Presents

I never know what I'll come home with whenever I meet up with family.  It can be food, books, newspaper clippings.  I'm often giving them stuff, too.  (There's a table near the front door that often holds an item or two awaiting the next get-together.)  In December I attended the family Cookie Party anticipating bags of cookies, but that's not all I ended up with.  Bonus!

One of my aunts knits a lot.  She brought a few scarves, shawls and a hat all in need of a home.  Oddly enough, I had just won a small heavy-knit shawl in a local raffle.  I didn't really need another.  No one else claimed this purple one, and I fell in love with it.  So it came home with me.  It's big, soft and I can really wrap myself up in it.  I get chilly sitting on the couch playing on my laptop or hand-stitching projects.  I like the shawl much better than the winter scarf I had been using to feel warm.  I've gone from owning zero shawls to two in less than a month.  Ridiculous.  But they're both great - I switch back and forth between the two.

Another aunt brought the dress.  More Key West fabric!  Vintage cloth in a vintage outfit.  It was donated towards my fabric stash (including a couple of labels).  I haven't brought myself to ripping it apart.  I also haven't been daring enough to try it on for fun - I can't imagine it would fit.  The shorts go with it, because the sides are slit up to there... like way up.  Ha!  I don't have much purple fabric, so this will be a nice addition to my stash.

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  1. Can it be... no certainly not, but it might be hot pants? From the 70's??


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