Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bertie and the Hay Rack

Bertie has always taken a liking to the coroplast hay rack I attached to the side of their cage.  She often moves the step stool near it, so she can eat the hay from above.  When Bertie first arrived, I would occasionally find her in the hay rack, but I have not witnessed it in at least a few months. 

So not having witnessed this, I was puzzled when the hay rack suddenly started to come down.  It had originally been taped to the side with packing tape.  Even having caught Bertie in it, it had remained on the wall with no problems.  But a few months ago, it just stopped holding.  I thought it was maybe the brand of tape (I had switched)?  So I punched holes in the back piece and zip-tied it to the wall.  That was great for about two weeks, and then the front started coming away from the sides.  So just last week I pulled it apart, punched in some new holes and zip tied the sides to the back.  No more packing tape holding any of it together.

Then this week, the bottom started to come apart.  I have zip ties that I taped across the bottom, so the hay wouldn't all come pouring out.  I have never had them fall out before - even when it came off of the walls, those ties would stay in place!

Tonight, I witness this:

Well, that solves a lot of mysteries!  Look at the bow in that thing!  No wonder the damned thing was peeling off the wall.  Over two pounds of pig, sacking in the hay rack.

And then, shortly after, I discovered why the zip ties across the bottom have been "falling" out.

So every time I manage to reinforce one part of it, she breaks another.  Now I need to figure out how to attach the zip ties across the bottom with more than duct tape.  I see more hole-punching in my future.

Bad Bertie!  Don't you love the look on her face when she hits bottom?  D'oh!  It wasn't me!


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