Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being Destructive

Bertie began chewing apart the cuddle cup this morning.  This is the first time she's ever been destructive with the bedding.  Either she's peeved at me and venting her attitude, or she's in pain and taking it out on the furniture.  Regardless, this is not a good development.  Tricky Vicky was my only other pig that ate her cozies when she was feeling unwell from a bladder cystitis.

Bertie's weight continues to fluctuate, flip-flopping between 910-930g.  I wish she could reach and stay above 960g.  I think the high dose of baytril is taking a toll on her digestive tract.  No doubt that is contributing to her inability to gain;  I also wonder if the infection is clearing up. 

I am giving her acidophilus once or twice a day, mixed into a bit of Critical Care and squash baby food.  It helps a bit, although getting it into Bertie is a challenge.  My boyfriend fed her the other day and I think there was more Critical Care on the towel and all over Bertie's fur than got into her stomach.  Bertie is a master squirmer when she wants to be.  Hand feeding is often a battle of wills.

One more week of antibiotics.  If the weight doesn't come back, we'll be in for another round of tests.  Nobody is happy about this!

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