Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Swing of Things

We seem to be in-between pig dramas at the moment.  It gave me a chance to write about the goofier side of guinea pigs (see Pigs Lie) and focus on my holiday projects.  Here's a quick update on the girls:

Willow, Bertie and Pinni, all enjoying a bite to eat
Pinni is, of course, Pinni.  She's her normal cushy, nosing-around self and still complains loudly when I pick her up.  She eats like a horse and is as healthy as one, so I have no complaints.  She and Bertie do quite well together, rumblestrutting at each other and having who's-nose-is-higher contests.  I often find Pinni and Bertie sleeping near each other.

Bertie seems to have leveled off with her viruses.  She's still too light for my liking, but her attitude is back to her cheerful, goofy self.  I'm so happy to hear the random thumpa-thumpa as she runs laps around the cage.  She's keeping her weight above 900g without extra assistance from me.  I still hope at some point she'll fatten up a bit more.

The interesting outcome of Bertie's illness is that she developed a taste for Critical Care (amazing, eh?) and she actually likes being held (not for long, but she no longer quakes at it).  She isn't as skittish as she was just a few months ago.  It's an unexpected change.

Willow was ill a few weeks ago.  Stopped eating almost everything; had soft poo, crusty eyes.  Puffed up and unhappy;  she did not feel good.  I knew things were bad when I had to force her to eat Critical Care.  Willow turned out to be more difficult to feed than Bertie!  I couldn't  believe it.

The crusty eyes made me think it was a URI, but it didn't explain the upset digestive tract.  We had an appointment with the vet, but after a few days of antibiotics and critical care she started to get better. Willow started eating on her own several days ago, and is making up for lost time.  Her weight has gone back up and she's not sulking in a corner or in her cozy all day.  I'm so relieved.

Clean Cage Coma (can you spot three sleeping pigs?)
The divided cage seems to be a success.  Pinni no longer bristles at Willow when I put them back in their cages.  Willow is very relaxed with the arrangement.  I've seen Bertie and Willow conversing between the bars.  Willow is able watch the girls and will often eat near the bars at the same time that Bertie and Pinni are eating.

I managed to restore Willow's second level.  She enjoys curling up in her cuddle cup on the upper deck and keeping an eye on the Newbies.

So right now, life is good.  Yay.

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