Saturday, December 29, 2012

Peter Pan

Did you guess what the Lots of Green was?  One of my coworkers correctly identified the pair of legs hanging out on the side of that photo.  Several people figured out I was making something many tiny leaves.  But there wasn't enough in my first photo to identify the ornament as the beginnings of Peter Pan's outfit. 

In researching this ornament, I discovered that Peter Pan was not well described in the original books.  He was a young boy, "clad in skeleton leaves and the juices that flow from trees".  So I went with that (and some of the original drawings I could find) as the basis of my Peter Pan, rather than the more popular Disney version.  The best part of this ornament?  I made him flying.  What fun!

I originally designed him to have his left hand outstretched with Tinker Bell sitting in it  However, I had even less of a description of her than I had of him.  I tried a couple of versions of Tinker Bell (one you can see in the foreground of my progress photo), but she was too tiny to get the details right (and still too big to look proportional to Peter Pan).  My second attempt made her look like a fat matronly sprite.  Um... no.  So I gave Peter the knife/short sword that he's often depicted with and went with that.

Without Tinker Bell, I made sure to give him a sack of fairy dust.  Think lovely wonderful thoughts!

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