Saturday, January 11, 2020

All Stringy and Crumbly

Hmm... cloudy weather and a north-facing wall does not make for pretty pictures.  These blocks are actually quite bright and cheery.  I'll have to try again on a sunny day.

Right now I'm debating how big to make this quilt.  They're 8" blocks.  I could make this a large wall hanging, a throw quilt, a bed quilt.  One more column could complete the large wall hanging.  I don't have enough right now to complete something larger, but I'm sure I'll have enough in a few months for a throw quilt.  This doesn't have a home, either, which would help me figure out what size to make it.  Any recommendations?

I just finished cutting and marking more middle pieces for these blocks.  I love how clean they look with the white chalk lines to line up the first selvedge edges.  I'm really liking these blocks.

My crumb blocks have now become 45 hexies.  I've spent the last few evenings pinning on the backings.  Lots of standing and slightly burnt fingers from ironing over the edges.  I need to cut more batting and backing, then I foresee a couple of more evenings of completing this lot.  A few more big batches like this and I may have enough to start sewing them together.  Not sure if I'm excited or afraid when that happens!

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  1. Love the string blocks. I prefer to make usable size quilts at least lap or throw but sometimes you do need a new wall-hanging. Just keep going. I love crumbs but have not tried finishing them into hexie units.

  2. the first one looks like an old kaleidoscope with the black in there! LOVE. I want to make some hexies with that method, with special fabrics not crumbs this time (amazing I'm not reaching for the scraps right? )

  3. Oh lookity look, quilt-as-you hexies. Loving these morsels of crumbs! Love too, your first string blocks.....would make a fabulous bed quilt.....just saying. =)

  4. Love the string quilt! I love make lap quilts for folks, everyone seems to appreciate them! I got my quilt as you go hexie tool before xmas but haven't used it yet (still binding a lot of quilts). I'm looking forward to using it! I love using it with your crumbs~!! Splendid idea!

  5. Oh Oh I love your strings!!! make it huge!! ha ha - I just love the way that one looks!! and your crumb blocks look really neat too - great job!


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