Saturday, January 25, 2020

Applique Pattern

My next project is an applique quilting kit: a wall hanging of appliqued sea turtles.  I have not seen what this looks like in person, and the photo on the kit is too small to make out details.  The instructions seem to describe that the shell is one piece (and it kind of looks that way in the photo).  But the pattern clearly multiple pieces for the shell.  I like the look of separate pieces (but wow! they get pretty small with the little turtle).

First up, I need to copy and cut template pieces.  There's enough fabric to cut individual shell pieces, just not the way the instructions describe (another reason I suspect it's one big shell).  A lot will be too small to zig-zag stitch the raw edges, so I'm likely to straight stitch instead (alas, no blanket stitch on my Singer Graduate). 

The fabric is all batiks, all pretty colors.  This will be an interesting project - something new for me to try.


  1. Sally, have you been to the wonderful old fabric place in Greenfield yet? If not, I think you are in for a treat! Every time I go there I am tempted by the batik fabrics, but so far I've resisted because I still haven't made the top I planned to sew last summer and already have the fabric for. I need to get my Featherweight an expert overhaul somewhere, and get to work!

  2. I look forward to seeing your progress on this one. Batiks sound perfect for this. How small is the little turtle?

  3. did the kit come with little tiny pieces? If so you can't take the following advice for it, though if you like the turtle enough you might try another animal or two and use your own fabric, then you could use the following tip. An explanation 1st, I used to say I quilt, now I'm a dyed in the wool hand appliqueur. I also used to do machine applique, but somewhere along the line someone talked me into taking a hand applique class and I haven't looked back since, it's been 12-ish years since then. Anyway the tip is to cut the applique pieces on the straight of the grain. It will enable the pieces to lie flat with no puckering. I don't do the variety of applique with the templates you're doing. I do a lightbox technique with a permanent marker. Most quilters would be aghast at that type of marker, but it works extremely well. the lightbox technique allows an qppliqueur to see the pattern differently. The other thing you could try when making the turtle is to use a variety of prints of the same color fabric, for the different shapes on the shell. It will give your quilt more depth than to just use on fabric of all the same print on the same color green. As always have fun and we look forward to watching your journey.


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