Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hanging Out

The hammock has been the place to be.  After weeks of being ignored, I see it occupied more often than not.  It could be that I've been home a lot lately and have had more opportunity to witness the usage.  Or it could be that they've realized the hammock is a pretty cool thing.

Pinni often sacks out in it soon after the cage is clean:

It was harder to prove that Bertie uses the hammock.  When I grab the camera, she bails.  I managed to snap this just before she hopped out.

The tunnel has always been a big favorite.  There was even a hissing fit yesterday over who's turn it was to lounge in it.  Pinni got it this time.

The fleece experiment has been going well.  Willow generally keeps her fleece cleaner and dryer than the Pinni and Bertie's fleece.  I've expanded the amount of fleece on Willow's ground floor and have added a fleece-lined balcony, so she could perch.  I often wondered if she missed the multiple levels of the old cage.  She never sat on top of the house and I thought she might need the fleece to give her some grip.  So I took out the hidey house and replaced it with a small balcony.

Its a rather shallow second level - its only 10" deep.  But I've seen her a number of times curled up in the cuddle cup, so I know she can get up and down.  I wonder if she watches Pinni and Bertie from up there.

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