Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bits of Mitts

One or two of my oven mitts are starting to get ratty, so I pulled out the materials to make me a new one.  But why make one when you can make three or six?  So I went a little crazy the other day cutting oven mitt pieces.

I spent so much time on cutting all the pieces that I didn't have time to complete a single one.  These aren't as bright as some of mine, but this was the color scheme for the majority of my scrap fabric.  I try to put all dark colors on the small curvy pieces, since that's the part that actually touches the baking sheets and pans.  Its the most likely to get dirty and burnt - so dark is good.

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  1. i love all your projects!!!! i've been on a sewing binge myself.. had two friends over and my living room/dining room, foyer, sewing room.. were quite active.. sewing machines and paraphenalia all over the place.. it was a fun weekend! and i got a lot accomplished! i love that you put every scrap to use!


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