Monday, February 7, 2011

Sewing Backlog

I took an MHD day off from work (Mental Health Day).  In addition from some time off from work, its an opportunity to do some errands and to catch up on my projects.  There's never enough time!

I started two backlogged projects today:  appliqueing a sweatshirt and sewing a pair of wrap pants.

I really wanted to work on the sweatshirt - I came up with the idea of black scrolls on it and I'm curious how it might look.  But the wrap pants project just needed to get done.  I've had the material since last spring, I think.  I managed to cut the pattern some time before Christmas.  Its been sitting in a heap in a chair ever since.  This pattern is beyond simple (and I've modified it, so its only two pieces, plus four strips for the ties).  It has a ton of hemming, though, which took a lot more of today than I had planned.

 But they're done and in plenty of time for the warmer weather. Yay! 

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  1. I have been thinking of getting back into more sewing myself Sally. Love the fabric on the pants.


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