Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where the Egg Ends Up

I've been putting the egg-cersizer in the cage a few times a week and it gets batted around like a soccer ball.  Bertie and Pinniped would immediately face off like opposing teams.  Even now, Pinni comes running over and noses it over as soon as I place it on the floor.

What I find entertaining is where the egg-cersizer winds up at the end of the day.  After it's emptied, I find it stuffed in a corner or wedged behind the brick under the water bottle.  My favorite is the one time it was slam-dunked into the nearly-empty food dish.  How did they manage that? 

Once the girls wedge it into these spots could they ever get the egg out again?  The spot behind the water bottle isn't very accessible.  The egg-cersizer is usually empty when I find it in jammed in a corner, so there's not a whole lot of motivation to dig it out.  Was it tucked out of the way on purpose?  Perhaps they were putting their toy away, the game having ended when it ran out of cranberries.  I suspect it's sheer luck that it gets wedged in these spots after it's empty.  On the other hand, knowing guinea pigs, it's more likely a message for me to refill it.


  1. The egg-cersizer looks like a great little toy! Though I think that my little pigs get enough treats as it is. They are WAY spoiled. But I was curious about the brick under the water bottle. Is that to keep the bedding from getting wet? How well does that work?

    1. Yes, the brick is mostly to keep the bedding from getting wet. It depends on how much your pigs like to play with the water bottle. One pig I had liked to play with it so much, I had to put a bowl underneath, to keep the bedding from getting soaked. I have two bricks I swap out once or twice a week, depending on how playful they get.

      Added advantage to the brick - it helps wear down their nails. I don't have to clip their front nails nearly as much as their back ones.

  2. Hi PaintedThread,

    I'm loving your blog. Can you say where one might look for this fun little toy for pigs? My three girls love to rearrange their housing, it would be great to give them something as challenging as I take it this little toy can be to keep them moving.

    I think the brick under the water bottle is also a way to help keep their nails trimmed a bit:).

    - karen

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog.

      I could only find the egg-cersizer online - I got this off of It's a cat toy - so you may also be able to find something similar at a local store.

  3. The food bowl slam dunk seems to be sending a not-so-subtle hint: "Refill please!"


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