Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tunnel Turnover

I keep the guinea pigs' cage stocked with a few cozies and cuddle cups.  I usually put their tunnel on the second level, since that area gets a lot of through-traffic and a tunnel doesn't disrupt the flow like a dead-end cozy.  Bertie disagreed with my choice and regularly insisted that the tunnel belonged on the first floor.  She'd usually pull it down at her first opportunity.  I figured that Bertie had some kind of quirky opinion about it.  Now I'm beginning to think she had an ulterior motive.

In the past, if the tunnel was on the first floor, Pinni would tend lay on it, or ignore it entirely.  I've been watching Pinni over the last several days, and I see her often taking naps in the tunnel, but only when it's on the second floor.  Interesting.  So maybe Bertie's first-floor preference wasn't due to some kind of piggy aesthetics.  I can totally picture Bertie moving the tunnel downstairs just to hassle Pinni.  After all, Pinni would regularly oust Bertie from favored sleeping spots.  I bet Bertie was just returning the favor in her own unique way.

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  1. What a sneaky rodent. Pinni looks quite satisfied now!


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