Saturday, January 26, 2013


Pinni does her eggplant impression
We're all still adjusting to Bertie's absence.  Pinniped had been moved to the living room for a few weeks to make sure she wasn't lonely.  As a byproduct, she was getting a lot of lap time.  I'm not sure how fond she was of all of the attention.  Pinni's a very wriggly pig.  She also tends to be rather leaky - she can make it barely 10 minutes before she needs to pee.

Pinni was moved back to the pig room last week.  Happy pig.  She popcorned around the clean cage and seemed much more relaxed than she did in the living room.  She's still getting daily snuggles, which she is learning to tolerate.  I think she's decided that the reward of tomato and melon makes the kisses and squeezes worthwhile.

When I lost Athena and, years later, Pippin, I started looking for companions for my solo pigs almost immediately.  It was in part because Victoria and Willow pined without their partners and I was ready to take on more pigs.  But that hasn't been the case this time around.  Pinni seems a bit bored, but is otherwise her usual self.  I'm dragging my feet.  I'm not ready for a trio, so I'm thinking I'd adopt a single sow.  I don't want a baby pig, but an older guinea pig?  The hardest thing about adopting an older sow is there is so little time to love and spoil her.  I've lost two of my herd one year.  I'm not sure if I want to take on a new pig that I'd potentially lose in another year or two (especially if she goes into the long decline that seems so popular amongst my sows).  Top it all off that Pinni is a diva - oh, the thought of introductions petrify me.  Bertie was a good match for Pinni; she was mellow enough not to battle with Pinni, but was hardly a pushover, either.

So for now, we remain in this holding pattern.  I find myself browsing Petfinder, giving Pinni extra unwanted snuggles and considering what the future has in store for us.

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  1. Pinni does an award winning eggplant impression. Perhaps the little diva might get along with a neutered boar?

    Still, take your time.. clearly Pinniped doesn't mind if the chub is anything to go by!


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