Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Cannoli has been more adventurous during floor time, following Pinniped around as she goes exploring.  So floor time is a bit more interesting, as they check out more of the kitchen and occasionally venture into the living room.

Pinniped and Cannoli were on the floor as usual as I was cleaning the cage on Saturday.  I had tossed a cozy and a tunnel from the cage for them to play with.  The two of them clucked about the room as I scooped out bedding and scrubbed the cage.  Suddenly I heard a pained cry.  I ran over and found Noli and Pinni stuffed into the tunnel.  Noli was crying because she was so squished in that narrow space and neither was ready to back down.  I'm not sure either could budge!  I eventually dumped them out because I couldn't stand listening to Cannoli's pitiful wails.  Pinniped slid out, Cannoli managed to stay in there.  What a pair.


  1. The expression on Cannoli's squished little face - hilarious.

  2. If they are frightened, several will squish themselves into some type of shelter together.


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