Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Cannoli!

She was sure we couldn't see her when she hid her nose.
Today, on the six month anniversary of adopting Cannoli, we celebrate her first birthday.  We've been told she was around six months old when we adopted her, so I figured this was as good a date as any other.

Cannoli has settled in nicely into our home over the last six months.  She's still a bit shy when people are near, although she's not afraid to be heard whenever anyone opens the fridge or runs the kitchen faucet (go figure that one out).  We marvel at how well Cannoli and Pinnped get along.

I've recently been trying to teach Cannoli to stand up and beg.  She's got the standing-up portion of it down cold, but she won't come forward in the cage, and tries to stand up under the third level or even from under the hammock!  It's a work in progress.

Noli even survived her first pignic, including an hour-long drive in the carrier with Pinni.  She was held and patted (after chasing her all over the pen) and accepted the compliments she was given, like a true diva sow.

Happy Birthday, Cannoli!  We look forward to many more!


  1. Happy first birthday Cannoli! Wishing you a day filled with treats, hugs, and more treats.

  2. Bramble and Parches beg too!! Patches is slightly better than Bramble as well. Book Worm :)


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