Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nifty Scarf

Once again, I get to show off my family's talent.  I don't knit, but my aunt does beautiful work.  I earned this scarf for fixing her email access (I think the reward is worth more than the services rendered).  She had about a half dozen scarves of different colors and shapes to pick from.  This one was my favorite.  I love the color, it's so soft, plus it's long enough to double up and loop the ends through (like in the photo).  I've always wanted a scarf that I could wear like that.  Now I do!  <happy dance>

Added bonus from my visit:  my aunt named my quilt.  I had come up with a couple of names, and wasn't happy with any of them.  (I'll reveal the name when I show off my completed quilt.)

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