Sunday, February 9, 2014

Guinea Pig Puzzle Giveaway

Cleaning out a closet often reveals unexpected treasures.  I occasionally buy or make a gift for no one in particular, then squirrel it away.  They'll reappear months or years later in need of a home.  Today's find:  a Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle of two guinea pigs playing golf.

Ah - springtime.  Warmer weather.  Any excuse to get out on the greens.  I love the little sweaters the pigs are wearing and the delicious dandelion in the foreground.  I think Pinniped and Cannoli would be too interested in the grass to bother with playing golf.

I am giving away The Golfers - a 40 piece micro wooden jigsaw puzzle.  To enter:  leave a comment on what you and your guinea pigs like the best about springtime.  Comments may be left here or on the CavyMadness post on Facebook.  This drawing closes on Tuesday, February 11th at 12pm EST.  Congratulations Krista!  I hope you enjoy the puzzle.


  1. Caroline's paintings are so gorgeously detailed. I wasn't even aware that you could purchase them in puzzle format. It will make a lovely gift.

  2. Our family loves doing puzzles together. It just gets us together and talking and sharing. (And using our brains!)

  3. What my guinea pigs like most about springtime is food. It's the same as all the other seasons if I'm being honest. =) But in addition I can open the windows in their room to let in the fresh air and I can see them breathe it in. They like that too.


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