Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Seamstress

I had noticed the last few times I washed pig laundry that some of the hammock loops (where the hooks are attached) were fraying.  Most of the hammocks are quite old, so I attributed it to normal wear and tear.  But I'm getting suspicious.

I heard an odd chewing sound from the cage last week.  I investigated and discovered Cannoli sitting in the hammock nibbling on the cord holding it in place.  I instantly envisioned some Looney Toon sawing off a tree branch while sitting on the wrong end.  If Cannoli chews through, do you think the hammock will magically stay upright?  Or will she get a rude awakening as she's dumped onto the floor?

In addition I found an opened seam several inches long.  I'm guessing that Cannoli had her teeth in that, as well.  Taste testing?  Boredom?  I hope not - I do try to keep the girls occupied.  Unlike Pinniped's coroplast chewing, I don't think this is an attempt to get my attention.  Of course, it could be that she just enjoys ripping out seams and snipping threads.  If that's the case, I'd prefer it if she picked up a different hobby.

Guinea pig puzzle giveaway:  The winner is Krista!  I mailed it out on Friday - I hope it arrives soon.

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  1. Oh, that rodent. At least it isn't a long drop down!


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