Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cloth Boxes and Bowl Cozies

I made my first bowl cozies in March and thought they'd make nice Christmas gifts.  I had planned on making a bunch of them this summer.  Ha!  It's mid-December and I've only just started to make more.  I know at least one friend who started making some of these cozies herself, so I needed to switch gears and make something else as well.

Over the summer I found a tutorial on fabric boxes.  I made a couple of them last week.  They're cute!  I'm keeping the black and green leafy one for my sewing knickknacks that are always collecting around my sewing machine.  I think they'll make great gifts.  I hope my friends like them!

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  1. Great projects Sally!! Hard to believe but....I was just making several baskets yesterday! I'll post them soon!


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