Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cage Match

We made a trip to the Animal Rescue League in Boston on Boxing Day.  I spent an hour cooped in a kennel with Cannoli and a new pig.  The initial meeting went well.  There was sniffing and pig trains.  There was wheeking and burbling.  About 40 minutes into the meet the newbie started acting a little more curious towards Cannoli; Noli got nervous and started wheeking at the top of her lungs.  She attracted every volunteer at the shelter.  Newbie still wasn't doing anything overtly aggressive, so I was a little surprised.  In fact, she was several inches away from Noli when she started wheeking.

Newbie spent some time checking me out, too.  She was totally charming.  I couldn't resist.  We took her home.

Introductions at home started alright, then heated up.  Newbie was the instigator for most of the scuffles.  It was right about the time we were discussing names for her.  Rob liked Diaper Butt, because of her white rear end.  I was going for Hussy or Painted Lady because of her diva attitude, dark eyes and dark front nails.

Bold.  Brassy.  Acted like she was in charge.  How about Boadicea?

Boadicea didn't like the flashy thing and hid in the last shot

The name seems to be sticking.  It's certainly more unique than Goldie.


  1. She's beautiful!!! Congrats on your new addition!

  2. Great name for a very pretty pig! I did a double take at the photo of her bum - it looks quite a bit like Truffle's.


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