Monday, December 22, 2014

Prisoner of Azkaban

My sister told me earlier this year that my nephew had started to read Harry Potter.  The most recent book he had completed was the Prisoner of Azkaban.  So she asked me to make a Harry Potter themed ornament for this Christmas.

Ooh.  So many things I could choose from!  But it was tough to pick something that would be instantly recognizable as Harry Potter, without picking something that was straight out of the movies.  I didn't want to make Harry himself; I didn't want the house emblems.  However, so much of the stuff from the books are classic fantasy characters.

I borrowed the book from the library.  I had forgotten so many of the nifty stuff introduced in this book!  I picked the few that could fit all together:  the Monster Book of Monsters (including Harry's belt to keep it closed), the Marauder's Map, a tea cup from divination class.  Then I added some of what shows up in all of the book:  Hedwig, a golden snitch and a wand.  I had to work a bit to combine all the pieces together.


Once it was baked, it took even longer for me to paint in the details.  I was so afraid I'd botch it.  I agonized on how fill in the big open space of the Marauder's Map (and triple-checked I spelled it correctly).  It was ridiculous, but it took me two weeks to paint in details.  Most of that time was just screwing up the nerve to do so.

My nephew was impressed.  He identify everything, including the teacup as being from Professor Trelawney's class.  I think my sister liked Hedwig the best. 


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