Thursday, May 5, 2016

Nowhere Fast

See this?  This is the UDS 9D table, my current project at work (if you don't know what it is, count yourself lucky).  I'm obsessed with getting it to run correctly and it's burning me out.  After weeks of research the output is starting to come together - I got numbers now.  Yay!  But some calculations are off by over $100k.  Nice.  So I'm spending just about every waking hour thinking how to fix it (when I'm driving, doing housework, falling asleep).  I mean, I skipped an evening of quilting to research sliding fees.  Crazy, right?  Gotta love medical billing and government reporting.

This is my stalled sewing project.  Sigh.  I ripped out the little quilting I did last week.  I picked out new quilting thread - bright coral and orange.  Not colors I'd have ever imagined to quilt on this, but auditioned better than anything else I tried.  We'll see what I think when I start quilting with it.  For now I'm quilting dark grey straight stitching on the sashes to tack it all down.  It's not a thick quilt, so I can wrestle it through the machine okay.  But it's tedious.  I was looking forward to doing the freemotion, not quilting with the walking foot.  I think three more hours of straight stitching and I can go back to the freemotion.

It can't get finished fast enough.  

Lastly, this little guinea pig is kind of stuck, too.  Well, not literally (although I'm not sure how she shoehorned her way into the cozy like that).  I have been searching for a new friend.  I was hoping to find a local sow, but I fear I may have to drive a distance to do a meet-and-greet.  I'd really like to find one close to Boadicea's age (3-ish).  And I'm not looking forward to introductions.  What's the chance I can find a pig that won't challenge Boadicea's alpha attitude?

All in all, it's been a mopey end to April.  May has kicked off with a drizzly start.  Enough of the rain and the cool weather.  Howe about some sunshine?  At least everything is turning green. 

I'll have time this weekend to quilt (and my work computer gets shut down for the weekend).  I have Monday off as well, to visit with a childhood friend.  So things have to start looking up soon!


  1. Good luck finding a buddy for Boadicea. (she's such a cutie!)

  2. I wondered if you are searching for a companion for Ms B...hope the perfect match appears.


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