Friday, May 20, 2016

Meet Wedgwood

Wedgwood, with my Wedgwood tea pot and some river stones
Say hello to Wedgwood.

We went through so many names of weather, comets, gemstones.  Her coloring, shape and smoothness reminded me of river stones, marble or pottery.  I thought howlite was a pretty stone, but a terrible name.  While looking through photos of fine china I came across some grey and white Wedgwood.  Hmm...  Wedgie for short.  She does have a very pointed nose.

She was terrified the first few days here, hiding in the far corner of the cage.  I think that's half the reason she lashes out at Boadi.  As fearful as she's been, she is very gentle when picked up and held.  She has made no attempt to bite me.  

Wedgie had been in the shelter twice since 2015.  They had her listed as 2.8 years old, but I suspect she's much younger.  Maybe not even 2?  Her records show she gained over 300g in the last year.  That tells me she was a youngster when she first came in.

They told me she was first surrendered with a boar.  Then she was adopted out and lived solo for the last year.  Both families she stayed with had children and dogs.  I was told she is very noisy and likes to hide in her house.

I can confirm the hiding.  She ensconced herself under a fleece forest in the back of the cage.  There's occasional forays for food and hay.  Wedgie is talkative when I hold her.  She hasn't truly wheeked yet, but she squeals when she's excited.  She burbles when she travels, just like Cannoli.  I suspect she will be quite loud once she settles in.  I'm looking forward to have a wheeker back in the house. 

Wedgwood is adjusting rather well.  I think some of her behavior is because she lived alone or in a small cage.  She's learning to take up space and interact with another guinea pig.  She's fascinated with Boadicea, but then chases her away from food.  She seems to be another people-pig, rather than a pig-pig like Cannoli.

Wedgie has a comically terrible time trying to get up to the second level.  She doesn't leap like every other pig I've had - she grabs hold of the fleece and tries to pull her fat belly over the edge.  So Boadi jumps to the second level and Wedgwood won't follow.  At least she has no problem with ramps - she's made several trips to the floor.

Wedgwood may be an odd name, but I think it works.  She's in serious danger of getting stuck with the name Pee-Face (which Rob is still calling her).  I have to admit, it pairs nicely with Diaper Butt.  She needs to lay off chasing Boadicea every time they're on the same level.  I'm sure they'll work things out in the next few weeks.


  1. tres charmant! She's a beauty. It takes a while to get used to new digs. She'll do it and be besties with boadie

  2. Aw, she's a little beauty, I love silver agouti and white and I love her name! Two gorgeous plump piggies, what could be better? The best thing about being awol is the lovely blog posts to come back to :)

  3. Naming can be tricky! My goats are named for plants that are blooming or leafing out when the goat is born. Last Spring, one of my blog-readers wanted me to name Tsuga's kids "Bloodroot" and "Lungwort"! Of course I've never revealed this to Tansy and Fern :)


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