Monday, May 16, 2016

Look What Blew In

Several times a day for the last month I checked Petfinder and craiglist for a companion for Boadicea.  I wanted an adult sow that wasn't currently bonded to another guinea pig.  I know shelters don't update Petfinder regularly, so I called several shelters on Friday evening (OMG, they all have infuriating phone systems).  As I was getting nowhere, Petfinder spat out exactly what I was looking for:  a single mature silver and white sow Boadicea's age, only a half hour away.  I have wanted a white and silver agouti pig for years.  (Ever since I saw one in a shelter when I adopted Willow and Pippin.)

I immediately called the Potter League for Animals (answered by a live person!).  They told me the sow came in alone, was a few months shy of 3 years old, and suggested I fill in an application to put me on the top of the list.

I got a call back on Saturday morning - they could hold her for me if I was interested and Boadicea could come to meet her.  I was elated and depressed.  This was just what I wanted for Boadicea.  I didn't want her to live alone; she needed some piggy company.  But how inconvenient - I had other plans for the day and wanted some time to relax.  Boadicea seemed happy by herself.  She was not pining for company, she'd run laps in the morning and generally hang out.  Besides, there'd be the stress of introductions and what if they didn't get along and I swore I'd never adopt a mature pig again and so many things could go wrong and... ugh.

Two hours later we were packed in the car heading to the shelter.  Sucker.

I met Storm briefly before we introduced Boadicea.  I was smitten with her wedgy nose, dark eyes, grey fur and curious attitude.  Right - like I wasn't going to fall in love.  So in came Boadicea and we spent the next half hour all getting to know one another.

Surprise!  Boadicea was all submissive, sounding so much like Cannoli used to.  I didn't think Boadi knew that vocabulary!  I had fully expected her to be the aggressor, not the other way around.  I feared that Boadi would stand her ground and cause a real fight.  Strangely that was not the case.  I have no idea what the staff thought of the Dustpan of Doom; it sat out in easy reach, but was never needed.

Storm came home with us.  (Again - like that wasn't going to happen.)  I've been calling her Stormy, since that's how I feel about adopting her, how introductions progressed, how she's fitting into the household.  The name doesn't meet with Rob's approval, and let's face it, he's come up with some awesome names.  She's been here less than 48 hours.  We'll see how she settles and eventually hit upon her real name.


  1. Oh hooray! Here's to smooth sailing and convivial company :)
    And I love that you trademarked the Dustpan of Doom!

  2. Storm is such a pretty piggy! Hope the girls become buddies.

  3. Hopefully this turns out great. I couldn't find a nearly 4 year old for Mu-Xi after 8 year old Chai died, so I found her a 2 year old at the humane society. It was a little rough at first but probably because it turns out Lily was pregnant. So now I have five. I would love to have a simple pair again, but these are pretty good well rounded piggies. Mu is 5 in a few months with a while herd she's in charge of.

  4. Awwww I'm so happy Boadi has a new companion! It is such a lonely existence for a piggie to fly solo. Welcome Storm!!! Looking forward to reading all about you and Boadi together (and when Rob reveals your new name!)

  5. I also have a newbie! Maisie-Nutmeg is my profile piccie!

  6. Congrats! That's exciting news--looking forward to hearing/seeing their adventures! Enjoy!


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