Sunday, December 5, 2010

A demonstration on clipping guinea pig nails

Yeah.  Woo-hoo. I'm sure this post will lose what little audience I have.

A brief demonstration on nail clipping.  Not really a tutorial - there are much better step-by-step examples of how to do it on YouTube (search for guinea pig nail clipping).  But my girls managed to demonstrate very different (and all normal) reactions to getting their nails clipped.  Bertie gave a great example of the DO NOT WANT! reaction.   Willow was the ho-hum, I've done this a million times reaction.

First, Bertie the Squirmy.

Yup.  That is a pig that is not going to take it lying down!

I originally had a video of Pinniped, too.  But that video ended up being more of an example of what not to do.  Poor Pinni.  Watching the video helped me a lot to see some of what I'm doing wrong when clipping nails.  I'll have to video the next time and look for improvements.

Sorry, Pin!

But lastly, is Willow the Trouper.  She's obviously an old pro at this and barely bats an eye:

I've gotten a request for an example of a single person nail clipping, so I may have to try and get some footage of that next time I clip their nails.

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