Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tote Bags Part 2

After several days of trying to ignore the tote bag material laid out on the floor, mocking me, I decided to tackle this project again.  Time is running out!  I made a clean copy of my calculations, ran through them several times, measured all my cuts and then cut.  Amazing.  I manged to cut all of the pieces I required for the two bags and had two 1" strips left over.  Whew! that was close.

I've got the hems stitched, the handles assembled and pinned on (most of it while watching that dismal Patriots game - so at least my afternoon wasn't a total waste).  I've changed my mind several times on how I want the T-shirt print to go on it.  I think I have a good solution, but its too late tonight to start more cutting.  That is a project for another night.

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