Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bertie's Birthday

How shall Bertie celebrate her second birthday?  How about with a Boston Pignic?  All the other pigs would be jealous, except they're going to the same pignic.

Bertie definitely takes after her namesake: Bertram Wooster. She's as cute as hell, cheerfully goes about her business and is extremely entertaining, but you can tell there's not a whole lot going on upstairs.  Such a little dope.

Bertie has calmed down a lot in the last year and actually enjoys getting her shoulders scritched.  She's still not quite sure if being held is a good thing.  Bertie has been in and out of trouble with her beloved hay rack since last summer and has been been the star in several videos on YouTube with her general goofiness.

I love listening to her run laps in the cage, running up and down the levels and doing donuts on the bottom floor.  Thumpa-thump!  Bertie is so full of energy when she gets wound up.  She's terrified of so many things, but loves to be in the yard, munching grass and smelling the breeze.  So the pignic should really be a treat for her.  I hope she gets to run laps in the big pen.

Happy Birthday, Bertie of the Star-Toes.  May you have a wonderful day of grass and sunshine.

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