Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rolling Coroplast

I found a place just down the street that sells coroplast at a decent price (Graphic Images).  I had to buy a whole sheet, which is a bit of a drag since I only need at most four square feet.  I'm sure I will either use the extra or find someone who needs it. 

On Monday, I spoke to the owner and agreed to buy a whole sheet.  I told him I'd be by on Tuesday morning on the way to work to pick it up.  I'd be putting it in my car.  A whole sheet?  Impossible.  I told him it would fit, that I'd roll it it up.  He proceeded to tell me at least three times that I could not roll coroplast.  I told him saw how to roll coroplast online.  I'd be fine.

So I go in on Tuesday morning to pick it up.  I was thrilled that they had a large front office, because it had been raining and I didn't want to attempt to roll it outside.  Looked like I could roll it in the office.  At which point the secretary tells me, more than once, that I cannot possibly roll coroplast.  Sure I can.

I had to help her haul it from the back room, because it's bulky and we put it flat on the floor.  I was a bit nervous at that point, because I've never actually rolled coroplast before.  I really didn't want to crimp it.  But I had read the instructions.  How bad could it be?

Pretty easy.  The hardest part was getting the packing tape dispenser to work while holding the coroplast in place.  I put way more tape on it than was necessary; I was so afraid the thing would spring open before I left the building.  I packed it in the car with no problems and headed to work.  At home, at the end of the day, I discovered that leaving it rolled up all day resulted in warped coroplast.  It has straightened quite a bit in the last day, so it should be in good shape when I cut it.

The secretary was pretty impressed.  She said it was too bad that I was in so early, because the owner would have liked to have seen that.  It was a good thing I brought my camera!  I've emailed him the proof.  See?  You can roll coroplast!


  1. never, ever underestimate the power of a determined woman

  2. That's impressive and good to know. I have no idea you could roll coroplast! I'll have to try that next time. It's always a pain getting it home and we have a truck.

  3. Replies
    1. It was the standard 4mm thick coroplast.


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