Monday, October 3, 2011

Tunnel Teleportation

Enjoying her success
The second level of the C&C cages isn't easy to furnish.  A cozy is too much of a dead-end since the girls often pass through on their way to the third level of the cage.  A cuddle cup is okay;  Pinni likes to curl up in one of the corners on occasion.  But a tunnel is perfect:  something to hide in, but easy to run through or around if all you're doing is passing through.

Someone doesn't share my opinion:  I often come home to find the tunnel on the first floor.  I have returned the tunnel to the second floor and come back in less than one minute to find it on the first floor.  Kind of reminds me of when the hay rack kept coming off the wall.  Hmmm....

Surprise!  Surprise!  Bertie is my culprit.  It took a while to confirm this because she never moved the tunnel while I was in the room.  Yesterday I set up the camera and was entertained with what I witnessed:

I timed her several times and she moves the tunnel in about 30 seconds when she really wants to.  This morning I moved the tunnel back to the second floor and Bertie stopped eating her pepper, brought the tunnel downstairs, then went back to eating her pepper.  Okay.  I understand.  I am not to touch the tunnel.  It belongs on the ground floor.

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