Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pinniped Has Polka Dots

Give me a kiss?
Guinea pigs can have some interesting skin patterns under all their fur.  It's not something that one generally sees.  I've seen a variety of belly patterns (shaved for ultrasounds).  When Vicky lost hair on her sides, I discovered her skin had a similar (but not exact) copy of her lightning bolt.

Pinniped has the most fascinating one yet:  polka dots on her lips.  I don't recall her having this when I first adopted her, but they're very distinct now.  I thought the dots were just on her bottom lip, but when we took the photo, it appears she has at least one on the upper lip as well.

So her front paw isn't the only white on her.  It makes me wonder where else she may have white or more polka dots?

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  1. Perhaps Pinniped is hiding more polka dots somewhere under all that fur :)


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