Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pinniped Turns Three

Poof!  Another year has passed.  Today we celebrate Pinniped's third birthday.

Pinni has at long last achieved her dream of being the (mostly) undisputed Queen Pig of our household.  She spends her days lounging around, eating hay and chortling to herself.  Since Willow has gone, Pinni has become much more vocal.  I often catch her talking to herself as she putters around the cage.

The last year brought about a few new things, including the first trip to the vet.  Bladder sludge is not so fun.  Pinni has made some new friends (the Girls Next Door) and lost some weight (no longer tipping the scales at 1400g).  There's still plenty to squeeze and Pinni gets lots of attention, often to her dismay and disapproval. 

She has mellowed a bit over the years and figures people aren't all that bad.  Neither of the Newbies is as people-oriented as Willow, but Pinni is the most likely to sit still and let someone rub her nose or snorgle fingers in hope of treats.  It's hard to resist her whiskery nose waving about as she begs for carrot or cantaloupe. 

Happy Birthday, Pinni!

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  1. Happy third birthday Pinniped! Wishing you lots of hugs and veggies.


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