Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bloodwork and X-rays

Worn out Bertie
Bertie returned to the vet today, to have more blood drawn.  The first test indicated anemia, but nothing definitive.  So the vet wanted to do some more tests for kidney and liver function, and take an x-ray.

Bertie had rallied a bit after the last visit, but lost weight again today.  I've been trying to get as much critical care into her as she will take.  Sometimes she sucks it down willingly, and other times she fights me (usually as her weight goes up).

I am discouraged with today's outcome.  The vet is not optimistic.  She said Bertie's lungs did not look good on the x-rays.  She suspects the PVM is taking its toll on Bertie's lungs.  We're still doing the blood panel, to see if something else comes up.  I had expected Bertie's viruses would eventually present with classic URI symptoms, but it doesn't seem to be the case.  She's not struggling to breathe; there's no noticeable congestion.  She's just so damn tired all of the time.  I think even chewing tires her out.  Bertie is talkative when I hold her, is interested in her food and seems perky enough when she's moving around, but spends the large majority of her day sleeping.  Everything tuckers her out.

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  1. Poor little Bertie, this in between state must be hard on you both. At least she doesn't seem to be in pain.. we will keep our fingers and paws crossed for her.


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