Friday, August 10, 2012

Corn Husks

Sweet corn isn't good for guinea pigs because it's high in sugar and starch.  However, the husks are high in fiber and nutritionally similar to grass or hay.  Even the silks are good to eat and are a traditional herbal remedy for urinary tract issues. 

Bertie and Pinniped go crazy for corn husks.  Unfortunately, there's only so much corn the two humans in this household can eat and most grocery stores in the area no longer allow people to husk corn at the store.  But if they do, I disregard the strange looks I get from others and dive head-first into the husk bin.  Well, maybe I'm not quite that enthusiastic - but I usually garner a few quizzical looks at my joy in stuffing a bag full of husks.

Once I get the corn husks home, I remove all of the outer pieces and the dark green tops and discard them.  I also remove and toss out the black, dried portion of the silks.  It's not worth trying to clean off the dirt and pesticides.  I'm left with clean silks and the inner green-yellow husks.  My girls love the silks.  I cut them up, just to ensure they won't be a choking hazard (they're probably fine at full length).  Husks and silks store quite well in the fridge for several weeks.

Mmmm... corn silks
This year, I've worked out a deal with my CSA to get my hands on a large quantity of organic corn husks.  I did this after I discovered that corn husks can be dried, like hay.  I'm pretty excited.  I prepped and dried a small batch two weeks ago and it was very easy to do.  The girls pounce on it almost as quickly as the fresh husks.  Moose Hill CSA's corn won't be ready to harvest for at least a week or two, so I'll let you know how this endeavor works out.


  1. Hurrah! Glad to hear the girls enjoyed it.

  2. thanks for posting this. i read that corn husks were okay for piggies on the master list from guinea lynx, but was still a little unsure. Luckily there is a farm stand just down the road a piece where I can get fresh sweet corn to try this out. Cant wait to hear how your drying works.

    I also really enjoyed your 3-part series on behaviors - helped me realize my two boars are not any different. They like to steal from each other. And they love their stuffed bags of hay! what a great idea! Its so funny to see just their butts sticky out while their heads are buried deep in the bag! :D


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