Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Noses and Nails

Since the day I met her, Pinniped's nose is non-stop.  It's always waving about, out of curiosity, anticipating something good to eat or with her excited victory wave.  Her latest thing is bumping her nose up against my chin or face.  This started some time in the winter.  I picked her up a lot after Bertie died and would snuggle her and cover her with kisses, which was more affection than Pinni was accustomed.  She'd toss her head at me from time to time (known here as "nose-fwips"), but what developed was more of a steadily pushing back.  Pinni now tends to lean into my chin or my chest when I pick her up and snorgle her.

So now, whenever I hold her close to my chest, she'll try to touch her nose to my chin.  Rob managed to catch some of this when I clipped her nails over the weekend.

If black nails aren't hard enough to see and cut properly, Pinni makes it even more difficult by getting her nose in the way!  Other than that, she is such a very good pig for nail clipping.  There's not much wriggling or drama.

And talking about lack of drama:  Cannoli is the best youngster ever for clipping nails.  Some wriggling, but she doesn't pull away like most first-timers.  She never cried or flinched, even when I accidentally cut the quick on two of her black toes.  Little pig!  You're supposed to tell me when I hurt you!  But things were all better with a bit of corn husk and back with her pal Pinni.


  1. That is so sweet. My pigs act like I'm killing them when I do nails. We had a talk about drama queens, but nobody seems to listen. The best I can do is keep their mouths stuffed with food.

  2. Pinni is so well behaved! I am envious. Peaches also employs nose-fwips during trimming (and any other time she feels like rebelling), although hers are a lot more emphatic. Even mouthfuls of carrot don't distract her for long.

  3. That has to be one of the cutes things I have ever seen. (her nudges) My baby take two of us just to hold her and clip. She also LOVES to bite. Even for no reason. SO so so so sweet!!!Thanks for sharing.


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