Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nothing but Net

What's with the flashy thing?  We want pepper!
Cannoli is a growing little girl.  She's gained nearly two ounces in two weeks!  We're still working on the skittishness.  Perhaps being called a wuss in public motivated her to be braver?  Whatever the reason, there have been two noses at the grids in the morning awaiting bell pepper.  Noli still runs away when I come up to the cage, but she does an about-face and rushes back as soon as I tap the bars. 

Cannoli was all excited this week when I cleaned the cage.  Her popcorning always makes me laugh, especially her favorite move to get into the hammock.  I grabbed the camera when I saw her do this a couple of times and managed to catch the action.

All four feet at once!  I've even seen her leap into the hammock from the side, which amazes me, because those sides are pretty high up.  I was going to edit it out the sound because of the TV in the background, but in the end, I had to keep it:  Cannoli is doing her best "nothing but net" impression to the sound of Hoosiers.  It seemed so appropriate.  Besides, Noli's happy noises and Pinniped's off-camera munching was too good to miss.  I have no idea what caused the pig panic in the end.  Coming through!

Noli is so fast when she runs around the cage.  Floor time is still a little overwhelming for her.  If she explores at all, she sticks right with Pinni.  I can't wait for the day she discovers all that space is really fun to run around in. 


  1. Aaaw, she is lovely and you can see her chub little tummy now. So pleased she is getting bolder.

    Very funny when Pini charges in at the end. Whoever was doing the "get lost sister" squeaks certainly got my boars attention. Harry is now going bonkers trying to find the lady cavy and Woody is just a bit confused.

  2. Cannoli's energetic trampoline bounce move is too funny! It's great to hear that she is coming out of her shell.

  3. Love the four foot vault into the hammock! That is quite a move Miss Cannoli!

  4. That video is too cute! What a funny little pig - loved watching it :)


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