Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cannoli

Cannoli has become such a round little rodent over the last year.  Just look at how she fills that basket!  She occasionally tries to throw her weight at Pinniped, but Pinni still rules the roost.  Noli doesn't have a problem with that.  She loves being near Pinni; they are so very compatible together.  We discovered earlier this year how bonded they were when I separated Pinni to go to the vet.  We returned with an unhappy Pinni to a freaked out Cannoli.

Cannoli learned to be a good traveler in the last year.  Such a difference from our move, when she and Pinni bickered throughout the 30 minute trip.  She has accompanied Pinni on multiple vet visits as well as trips to the Cape and pignics.  The lack of fussing makes a less stressful trip for everyone.

Outta here!
Noli is still the big wheeker in the house.  Which is so silly, since she's also the biggest chicken of all my sows.  Photo shoots are difficult - she's often terrified.  Bribing her with treats won't sway her.  She's a little like Bertie in that regard.  So unlike Pinni, who is more than happy to flirt with the camera when there's food involved.  Noli had no interest in being in the basket for these photos, eventually figured out we were in the living room, and bailed on me. 

Typical Noli.

She's also not fond of being picked up, but is comfortable being held.  She doesn't particularly like people (which is rough, because we all love her!) and is clearly a pig-oriented pig.  We were amazed at the Spring Pignic when she relaxed and engaged with all the sows in the common pen.  She was in her element, surrounded with others of her kind.  I have a guinea pig that doesn't spend the pignic pulling fur and picking fights?  How did that happen?  It must be the difference between a guinea pig that bonds with pigs rather than people.

Happy Birthday, my roly-poly Noli!  Let's see what surprises you have in store for another year.


  1. Such cute piggy buns running away from the camera! She is too cute :) Happy birthday, Cannoli!

  2. Ooooo... she is adorable and so pretty! Happy Birthday!!


  3. Happy birthday Noli! May your chubs continue to overfloweth.


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